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John Boyle made a deal with the Devil at a Denny’s twenty miles west of St. Louis. It was the obvious that the Devil was down on his luck, as his 1993 Corolla rolled into the parking lot with a flat tire.  John offered to help change the tire, as all midwesterners would, because he is the kind of guy that smiles at everyone that he makes eye contact with. Finding it difficult to part with his past, the Devil demanded a deal be struck between the two, rather than accept charity.  As John looked on at the haggard man before him, depreciated of social, economic, and metaphysical capital, it seemed a kind gesture to shake on the deal. 

There it was, one soul traded for incredibly handsome looks, first rate guitar skills, and help changing the left rear tire on a ‘93 Corolla. That moment led John to stages across the country, playing for thousands. 

Some say you can still see the devil outside of that Denny’s, wandering the parking lot looking for the cap to the air valve on his spare tire. Others claim there was no devil at all, just a man name Paul Wiltshire who was on the way to a Halloween party.


In short: John is incredible.

About John Boyle 

Genre: Singer-Songwriter / Blues-Rock / Americana    

Location: Indianapolis, IN   

Record Label: Independent   

Press Contact: John Boyle   

Booking Agent: John Boyle

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