About John 

John Boyle wants to play music for you right now.

John Boyle is a singer-songwriter, hailing from Indianapolis, who fell in love with music and never looked back.  John's intricate guitar playing and smoky tenor create a space for down-to-earth songwriting ranging from mellow tunes to upbeat grooves. Pulling influence from Acoustic Singer-Songwriters, Americana, and Late 60's Blues Rock, John creates dynamic live performances whether playing solo or with his trio. 

Following the 2018 release of the full-length album Early Lights and 2020's Prelude, John Boyle has toured across the US playing from Nashville to Chicago and Austin to New York City.  John makes a chicken potpie that can solve most of your problems in life, and he'll gladly accept a whiskey on the rocks at a gig and talk about music or cats all night.   

About John Boyle 

Genre: Singer-Songwriter / Americana    

Location: Indianapolis, IN   

Record Label: Independent   

Press Contact: John Boyle   

Booking Agent: John Boyle


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